An amenity that makes office life more accessible and desirable

Show That You Care

Support physical and mental health

People recently welcomed dogs into their home faster than perhaps ever before so it’s important for companies to consider offering support by providing a dog friendly office.

Who got a new pet during the pandemic?(5)

Gen Z




Gen X

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of people who acquired a dog saw large increases in physical activity and nearly 75% saw improvements in mood.(6)

Support Wellness at Work and Home

A solution for burnout and poor health may be standing right in front of us...on four paws

Multiple studies show a relationship between dog ownership and greater physical and mental health.

  • Lower work-induced stress(1)
  • Greater physical activity and positive mood(6)
  • Lower blood pressure(7)
  • Dogs create opportunities for remote workers to find social support(8)

Innovation is part of your culture

Let it show in your office

While allowing dogs in the workplace has previously been considered a benefit for employees, research has found a significant benefit for companies. In fact, one study found that people who often took their dog to work had significantly lower turnover intentions and stronger relationships with coworkers and managers compared to those who never took their dog to work.


Man holding bull terrier on shoulder
0 %
of people who work for a pet friendly company would decline a job offer with another company at similar pay versus 44% who work in non-pet friendly workplaces.(2)

Curbing Separation Anxiety

How will your pup feel when it’s time to go back to work?

Dogs and their people formed strong bonds while spending a great amount of time together during quarantine. Now people are wondering how their dog will react to their absence. A dog friendly workplace not only benefits your employees but it also helps prevent dogs from developing separation anxiety and keeps them from exhibiting undesirable behaviors.

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of pet parents report that spending time with their pet is helping reduce their stress and increase well being during the pandemic(5)
0 %
of pet parents state they are closer with their pet due to COVID(5)

Benefits of a Dog-Friendly Culture

For the Dog

Socializing dogs by providing them with opportunities to interact with other dogs and people in different environments has shown to be a critical component of their development and encourages good behavior.

For the Employee

Dog friendly offices not only save us money and time, studies have shown they also reduce stress, facilitate meeting new people, and increase job satisfaction.

For the Company

There’s a reason why Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb have welcomed dogs into their offices for years. It’s good for business. Differentiate your company and build your brand by going dog friendly.